Correctional Administrator Interview Questions

46 Name a time when your patience was tested. How did you keep your emotions in check?
47 Share an experience in which your attention to detail and thoroughness had an impact on your last company.
48 What steps have you taken to ensure the continuing success of the previous companies you have led?
49 Name a time when your creativity or alternative thinking solved a problem in your workplace.
50 Explain how you prepare your budgets. What works well and what doesn't?
51 Provide an example of when you took an active role in changing legislation, laws, or public policy for the betterment of both the general population and special groups.
52 Share a time when you were involved in a particularly difficult contract negotiation. What made the negotiation so difficult? What was the outcome?
53 How often would you review reports submitted by staff members to recommend approval or to suggest changes? Tell me more.
54 Share an experience in which personal connections to coworkers or others helped you to be successful in your work. (Make sure candidate works well with others.)
55 How would you explain your involvement with human resources? (Make sure the candidate will direct human resources activities, including the approval of human resource plans, the selection of high-level staff, or establishment of major departments.)
56 Tell me about the managers or department heads that reported to you. What responsibilities and work did you assign to them?
57 Provide an experience in which you were sensitive to somone's needs or feelings. How did your helpfulness affect your work environment?
58 How much experience do you have serving on boards of directors, management committees, or other governing boards?
59 Prepare or present reports concerning activities, expenses, budgets, government statutes or rulings, or other items affecting businesses or program services.
60 Tell me about the last time you monitored or reviewed information and detected a problem. How did you respond?
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