Before making a hire you need to ask yourself these 4 vital questions. If you answer positively for each one, then you have a candidate that should should succeed and stay with your company.

Can the candidate do the job?

You won’t accomplish much if your newly hired employee isn’t capable of fulfilling his or her responsibilities.  The best way to determine if a candidate can do the job is if they’ve succeeded in similar roles or situations before.  This is why most of the interview questions we provide ask for past experiences.  

Be sure to ask questions about specific skills or scenarios.  If the candidate gives a general or generic response, press for examples.

Do we like the candidate?

This is pretty simple.  Can you see yourself and your team working with the candidate?  You spend more time with people you work than with your own family.  You want to hire people that you and your team will get along with.

Just be careful.  Diversity is a very good thing.  You don’t want everyone in your company to think and act the same.  Find someone that you like, but don’t find someone just like you and your team.

Is the candidate a risk?

Do you feel like the candidate will be successful or is her or she a risk?  Unless you really feel like the candidate is really worth it, you probably won’t want to risk your reputation on someone who may leave just a couple weeks or months after taking the position.

Are we able to pay the candidate what he or she wants?

This one is pretty easy to get out of the way.  It is as simple as asking for the salary range that the candidate is looking for.  However, you will also want to confirm the salary that the candidate is currently receiving.  Its good to know where they are at and where they want to be.