Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

There are 2 different sets of questions for this title
1 Share an experience in which you successfully coordinated with others. How about a coordination effort that was not as successful?
2 Share an experience in which you trained workers in preparation, service, sanitation, and/or safety procedures. What methods made you successful?
3 Please share an experience in which you presented to a group. What was the situation and how did it go?
4 Please share with me an example of how you helped coach or mentor someone. What improvements did you see in the person's knowledge or skills?
5 Tell me about a recent experience you've had working with your hands.
6 Provide an example of when you set expectations and monitored the performance of subordinates. What guidance and direction did you find most effective?
7 Tell me how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work.
8 Share an example of a time you had to gather information from multiple sources. How did you determine which information was relevant?
9 What have you found to be the best way to monitor the performance of your work and/or the work of others? Share a time when you had to take corrective action.
10 What is the key to success when communicating with the public.
11 Name a time when you identified strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions to problems. What was the impact?
12 Provide an example of a time when you successfully organized a diverse group of people to accomplish a task.
13 Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation.
14 Provide an experience in which your ability to actively find ways to help people improved your company or your own work ethic.
15 What is the most challenging part of budgeting for you?