Health and Wellness Coordinator Interview Questions

1 Tell me about the last time you tracked attendance, participation, or performance data at a wellness event.
2 Share an experience in which you provided individual assistance with wellness or nutrition.
3 Provide a time when the maintenance of equipment helped your company.
4 Describe a marketing campaign you successfully developed. How did the campaign promote a healthy lifestyle or participation in a program?
5 Share an experience in which you conducted a survey which helped you improve a fitness program.
6 Share an experience in which you taught a class in which you noticed an improvement in the strength, flexibility, or cardiovascular conditioning of the participants.
7 Share an experience in which you successfully selected and/or supervised a contractor.
8 What methods have you found effective in responding to requests for information about wellness programs and services?
9 Tell me about a new program you approved. What methods did you use to determine its effectiveness?
10 Tell me about the last budget you prepared and/or implemented.
11 Tell me about an event which you successfully organized and directed. What methods made you successful?
12 Share a method you have found effective for instructing patrons on the proper operation of fitness equipment.
13 What methods do you use to ensure a clean and safe facility?
14 Describe the state of your schedules, records, or reports. What is one thing you are trying to improve?
15 Tell me about the last class you successfully developed and implemented. What methods did you use?