Meat Packer Interview Questions

1 Tell me about a recent experience you've had working with your hands.
2 How do you stay fit in order to perform physical activities that are required in the workplace?
3 What kind of experience do you have slaughtering animals in accordance with religious law, and determine that carcasses meet specified religious standards?
4 What have you found to be the best system to cut, trim, skin, sort, and wash viscera of slaughtered animals to separate edible portions from offal?
5 Describe an experience when you slit open, eviscerate, and trim carcasses of slaughtered animals. Share an example.
6 Share an example of when you went above and beyond the "call of duty". (Look for answers that show the candidate is dependable.)
7 Walk me through how you would remove bones, and cut meat into standard cuts in preparation for marketing.
8 Describe methods you have found effective to shave or singe and defeather carcasses, and wash them in preparation for further processing or packaging.
9 Share an experience in which your diligence of inspecting equipment, structures, or materials helped you identify a problem or the cause of a problem.
10 Share an experience in which you've successfully learned how to handle a new piece of equipment?
11 Share an effective system to grind meat into hamburger, and into trimmings used to prepare sausages, luncheon meats, and other meat products.
12 Tell me how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work.
13 How do you balance cooperation with others and independent thinking? Share an example. (Try to determine if the candidate has a cooperative attitude or is otherwise good-natured.)
14 Tell me about the last time you monitored or reviewed information and detected a problem. How did you respond?
15 Provide an example when your ethics were tested.