Distance Learning Coordinator Interview Questions

1 Share an effective method you have used to secure funding for distance learning programs.
2 Provide a time when reviewing learning content helped you to ensure the material met all requirements.
3 Tell me about your past experience summarizing equipment usage data.
4 Share your experience communicating via podcasts, webinars, etc.
5 Describe a difficult troubleshooting problem you have resolved.
6 Share an experience in which you successfully trained a staff. What methods made you successful?
7 Describe a time when you successfully supervised a staff. What made you a successful supervisor?
8 Share the methods you have found effective in selecting and monitoring the work of vendors.
9 Which methods have you found effective in choosing equipment/services to purchase?
10 Tell me about your last experience preparing reports. What methods did you use?
11 Tell me about the last budget you prepared and/or managed.
12 Describe an experience in which you sucessfully negotiated for a cost-effective and high-quality program, service, or course. What methods led to your success?
13 Share an experience in which you effectively used technological developments in distance learning to meet an educational or outreach goal.
14 Provide a time when you evaluated and improved the effectiveness of a distance learning program. How did you effectively promote knowledge or skill acquisition in your improvement?
15 Share an experience in which you successfully directed the technical operation of a distance learning resource. What made you successful?