Baggage Handler Interview Questions

There are 2 different sets of questions for this title
1 Describe methods you use to transfer luggage, trunks, and packages to and from rooms, loading areas, vehicles, or transportation terminals, by hand or using baggage carts.
2 Do find it important to be able to supply guests or travelers with directions, travel information, and other information such as available services and points of interest? Why is that helpful?
3 Walk me through how you assist physically challenged travelers and other guests with special needs.
4 What is the most challenging part of greeting incoming guests and escort them to their rooms?
5 Share with me why you should maintain clean lobbies or entrance areas for travelers or guests.
6 Describe a practical method to receive and mark baggage by completing and attaching claim checks.
7 Describe an experience when you transported guests about premises and local areas, or arrange for transportation.
8 Tell me about a recent experience you've had working with your hands.
9 How do you stay fit in order to perform physical activities that are required in the workplace?
10 Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation.
11 What is the key to success when communicating with the public.
12 Tell me how you compute and complete charge slips for services rendered and maintain records.
13 Why do you think it is important to act as part of the security team at transportation terminals, hotels, or similar establishments? Share an example.
14 Name a time when your patience was tested. How did you keep your emotions in check?
15 Provide an example when your ethics were tested.