Agriculture Inspector Interview Questions

1 Describe the process of Inspecting food products and processing procedures to determine whether products are safe to eat.
2 What is your approach when Interpreting and enforcing government acts and regulations and explain required standards to agricultural workers.
3 Explain how you advise farmers or growers of development programs or new equipment or techniques to aid in quality production.
4 Share an experience where you provided consultative services in areas such as equipment or product evaluation, plant construction or layout, or food safety systems.
5 Walk me through how you review and monitor foreign product inspection systems in countries of origin to ensure equivalence to the U.S. system.
6 What methods do you use when comparing product recipes with government-approved formulas or recipes to determine acceptability.
7 Share your approach to examine, weigh, and measure commodities, such as poultry, eggs, meat, or seafood to certify qualities, grades, and weights.
8 Tell me about how to set labeling standards and approve labels for meat or poultry products.
9 Describe an experience where you had to inquire about pesticides or chemicals to which animals may have been exposed.
10 Describe what method you use to direct or monitor the quarantine and treatment or destruction of plants or plant products.
11 Explain how you set standards for the production of meat or poultry products or for food ingredients, additives, or compounds used to prepare or package products.
12 Share an experience where you Inspected livestock to determine effectiveness of medication or feeding programs.
13 Explain ways to label and seal graded products and issue official grading certificates.
14 Share with me what process you use to monitor the grading performed by company employees to verify conformance to standards.
15 Describe an experience where you took emergency actions, such as closing production facilities where product safety was compromised.