Solar Sales Representative Interview Questions

1 What kind of experience do you have preparing proposals, quotes, contracts, or presentations for potential solar customers?
2 What factors do you consider when selecting solar energy products, systems, or services for customers based on electrical energy requirements, site conditions, price, or other factors?
3 Share your approach to demonstrate use of solar and related equipment to customers or dealers.
4 Describe an experience when you provided technical information about solar power, solar systems, equipment, and services to potential customers or dealers.
5 Name a time when you provided customers with information such as quotes, orders, sales, shipping, warranties, credit, funding options, incentives, or tax rebates.
6 What have you found to be the best way to prepare or review detailed design drawings, specifications, or lists related to solar installations?
7 Share an example when you successfully gathered information from prospective customers to identify their solar energy needs.
8 Tell me about the last time you developed marketing or strategic plans for sales territories.
9 Walk me through how you would create customized energy management packages to satisfy customer needs.
10 What is the most challenging part of calculating potential solar resources or solar array production for a particular site considering issues such as climate, shading, and roof orientation?
11 What factors do you consider when assessing sites to determine suitability for solar equipment, using equipment such as tape measures, compasses, and computer software?