Remote Sensing Technologist Interview Questions

1 Name a time when you successfully provided remote sensing data for use in addressing environmental issues, such as surface water modeling or dust cloud detection?
2 Describe methods you have found effective to collect remote sensing data for forest or carbon tracking activities involved in assessing the impact of environmental change.
3 Describe an experience when you collaborated with agricultural workers to apply remote sensing information to efforts to reduce negative environmental impacts of farming practices.
4 What kind of experience do you have documenting methods used and writing technical reports containing information collected?
5 How are your computer skills when developing specialized computer software routines to customize and integrate image analysis?
6 Name a time when you collected verification data on the ground, using equipment such as global positioning receivers, digital cameras, or notebook computers.
7 Walk me through how you would verify integrity and accuracy of data contained in remote sensing image analysis systems.
8 What kind of experience do you have operating airborne remote sensing equipment, such as survey cameras, sensors, or scanners?
9 What factors do you consider when monitoring raw data quality during collection and making equipment corrections as necessary?
10 Share an example when you integrated remotely sensed data with other geospatial data.
11 What have you found to be the best way to evaluate remote sensing project requirements to determine the types of equipment or computer software necessary to meet project requirements, such as specific image types or output resolutions?
12 When is the last time you developed or maintained geospatial information databases? Share an example.
13 Share an example when you effectively consulted with remote sensing scientists, surveyors, cartographers, or engineers to determine project needs.
14 Walk me through how you adjust remotely sensed images for optimum presentation by using software to select image displays, define image set categories, or choose processing routines.
15 What kind of experience do you have manipulating raw data to enhance interpretation, either on the ground or during remote sensing flights?