Natural Science Manager Interview Questions

31 Tell me about the last time you monitored or reviewed information and detected a problem. How did you respond?
32 Provide a time when you worked in a rapidly evolving workplace. How did you deal with the change? (Make sure the candidate is flexible.)
33 Provide an example of when you were persistent in the face of obstacles.
34 Share an experience in which you successfully explained a difficult concept to a client. What methods did you use?
35 Describe a time you successfully directed research or production activities. What methods did you use to be effective?
36 Provide an example of when you set expectations and monitored the performance of subordinates. What guidance and direction did you find most effective?
37 Share an experience in which you successfully designed the successive phase of a problem analysis, solutions proposal, or a test. What methods made you successful?
38 Name a time when your advice to management led to an improvement in your company or otherwise helped your employer.
39 Share an example of when you went above and beyond the "call of duty". (Look for answers that show the candidate is dependable.)
40 How do you balance cooperation with others and independent thinking? Share an example. (Try to determine if the candidate has a cooperative attitude or is otherwise good-natured.)
41 In your experience, what is the key to developing a good team? (Look for how they build mutual trust, respect, and cooperation.)
42 What are some long-range objectives that you developed in your last job? What did you do to achieve them?
43 Tell me about a time when you developed your own way of doing things or were self-motivated to finish an important task.
44 Please share an experience in which you successfully taught a difficult principle or concept. How were you able to be successful?
45 Describe a time when you successfully persuaded another person to change his/her way of thinking or behavior.
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