Nanotechnology Engineering Technician Interview Questions

1 What kind of experience do you have operating nanotechnology compounding, testing, processing, or production equipment in accordance with appropriate standard operating procedures, good manufacturing practices, hazardous material restrictions, or health and safety requirements?
2 Share your approach to test nano-enabled products to determine amount of shedding or loss of nanoparticles.
3 Describe methods you have found useful to measure emission of nanodust or nanoparticles, using systems such as aerosol detection systems, during nanocomposite or other nano-scale production processes.
4 Walk me through how you would compile information and prepare reports.
5 Describe an experience when you set up and executed experiments according to detailed instructions.
6 What have you found to be the best way to produce detailed images or measurement of objects, using tools such as scanning tunneling microscopes or oscilloscopes?
7 Describe methods you have found effective when performing functional tests of nano-enhanced assemblies, components, or systems, using equipment such as torque gauges or conductivity meters.
8 Share an example when you monitored equipment during operation to ensure adherence to specifications for characteristics such as pressure, temperature, or flow.
9 Walk me through how you would measure or mix chemicals or compounds in accordance with detailed instructions or formulas.
10 How do you inspect work products to ensure quality and adherence to specifications? Share an example.
11 What is the most challenging part of assisting scientists, engineers, or technologists in writing process specifications or documentation?
12 Share an example when you effectively assisted scientists, engineers or technologists in processing or characterizing materials according to physical and chemical properties.
13 Share your approach to assemble components, using techniques such as interference fitting, solvent bonding, adhesive bonding, heat sealing, or ultrasonic welding.