Labor Relations Manager Interview Questions

There are 2 different sets of questions for this title
1 Describe a time when you effectively trained managers or supervisors on a labor relations topic.
2 How do you select effective mediators and arbitrators for disputes and negotiations?
3 Provide a time when your research of case law or outcomes of previous case hearings benefited your company in a hearing.
4 Share an experience in which your expert testimony in a legal proceeding helped your company's case.
5 Share an experience in which the evidence you prepared for a disciplinary hearing benefited your company.
6 Share an effective method you have used to monitor employee satisfaction, especially with policies and working conditions.
7 Describe a health or safety policy you developed which decreased accidents in your company.
8 How do you effectively assess the impact of union proposals on company operations?
9 Share an experience in which your assessment of risks related to collective bargaining strategies helped your company make a wise decision. What methods did you use to assess the risks?
10 Provide a time when a letter you wrote solved or clarified a difficult issue.
11 Share an experience in which your scheduling and coordinating skills helped you effectively organize an important meeting.
12 Share an effective method you have used to ensure employer and employee compliance with contracts.
13 Tell me about an employee disciplinary action which you approved. How about one you rejected?
14 Describe a successful collective bargaining strategy, goal, or objective which you recommended. What made is so successful?
15 Share an experience in which you provided an effective resolution for a negotiation.