Industrial Ecologist Interview Questions

1 Walk me through how you prepare technical and research reports such as environmental impact reports, and communicate the results to individuals in industry, government, or the general public.
2 What kind of experience do you have translating the theories of industrial ecology into eco-industrial practices?
3 How do you stay up to date literature to maintain knowledge on topics related to industrial ecology, such as physical science, technology, economy, and public policy?
4 Describe methods you have found useful to review industrial practices, such as the methods and materials used in construction or production, to identify potential liabilities and environmental hazards.
5 Share your approach when researching sources of pollution to determine environmental impact or to develop methods of pollution abatement or control.
6 Share an example when you recommended methods to protect the environment or minimize environmental damage from industrial production practices.
7 What is the most challenging part of performing analyses to determine how human behavior can affect and be affected by changes in the environment?
8 What have you found to be the best way to monitor the environmental impact of development activities, pollution, or land degradation?
9 Describe an experience when you investigated the adaptability of various animal and plant species to changed environmental conditions.
10 What kind of experience do you have forecasting future status or condition of ecosystems, based on changing industrial practices or environmental conditions?
11 Tell me how you create complex and dynamic mathematical models of population, community, or ecological systems.
12 Walk me through how you would conduct scientific protection, mitigation, or restoration projects to prevent resource damage, maintain the integrity of critical habitats, and minimize the impact of human activities.
13 Describe your system when conducting applied research on the effects of industrial processes on the protection, restoration, inventory, monitoring, or reintroduction of species to the natural environment.
14 Tell me about the last time when you built and maintained databases of information about energy alternatives, pollutants, natural environments, industrial processes, and other information related to ecological change.
15 Describe methods you have found effective to research environmental effects of land and water used to determine methods of improving environmental conditions or increasing outputs such as crop yield