Geographic Information Systems Technician (GIS Technician) Interview Questions

There are 2 different sets of questions for this title
16 Share an example of when you went above and beyond the "call of duty". (Look for answers that show the candidate is dependable.)
17 Provide an example of when you were persistent in the face of obstacles.
18 Walk me through how to enter data into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases, using techniques such as coordinate geometry, keyboard entry of tabular data, manual digitizing of maps, scanning or automatic conversion to vectors, or conversion of other sources of digital data.
19 Describe an experience when you performed geospatial data building, modeling, or analysis, using advanced spatial analysis, data manipulation, or cartography software.
20 How would you review existing or incoming data for currency, accuracy, usefulness, quality, or completeness of documentation?
21 What kind of experience do you have designing or coordinating the development of integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) spatial or non-spatial databases? Share an example.
22 Provide a time when you worked in a rapidly evolving workplace. How did you deal with the change? (Make sure the candidate is flexible.)
23 What is the most challenging part of providing technical support to users or clients regarding the maintenance, development, or operation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases, equipment, or applications?
24 What is your approach to interpret aerial or ortho photographs?
25 Share an experience in which your understanding of a current or upcoming problem helped your company to respond to the problem.
26 How would you rate your writing skills? (Ask for an example that demonstrates great writing skills.)
27 Provide an example of a time when you were able to demonstrate excellent listening skills. What was the situation and outcome?
28 How do you balance cooperation with others and independent thinking? Share an example. (Try to determine if the candidate has a cooperative attitude or is otherwise good-natured.)
29 Share an example of when you established and accomplished a goal that was personally challenging. What helped you succeed?
30 Name a time when you conferred with users to analyze, configure, or troubleshoot applications.
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