Fuel Cell Battery Technician Interview Questions

There are 2 different sets of questions for this title
1 What kind of experience do you have assembling fuel cells or fuel cell stacks according to mechanical or electrical assembly documents or schematics?
2 How well are your computer skills when you need to document or analyze fuel cell test data, using spreadsheets or other computer software?
3 Name a time when you performed electrochemical performance or durability testing of solid oxide fuel cells.
4 Walk me through how you would install, calibrate, or operate emissions analyzers, cell assist software, fueling systems, or air conditioning systems in engine testing systems.
5 What have you found to be the best way to install or test spark ignition (SI) or compression ignition (CI) engines?
6 Describe methods you have found effective to conduct tests or provide technical support for tests of prototype fuel cell engines or thermal management systems.
7 Share an example when you recommended improvements to fuel cell design or performance.
8 What is the most challenging part of testing fuel cells or fuel cell stacks, using complex electronic equipment?
9 How often do you perform routine or preventive maintenance on fuel cell test equipment? How often is it needed?
10 Share your approach to collect or maintain fuel cell test data.
11 Share an example when you successfully calibrated equipment used for fuel cell testing.
12 Tell me how you would build fuel cell prototypes, following engineering specifications.