Freight Forwarder Interview Questions

1 What is the most challenging part of recommending or arranging appropriate merchandise packing methods, according to climate, terrain, weight, nature of goods, or costs?
2 What have you found to be the best way to consider environmental sustainability factors when determining merchandise packing methods?
3 Describe methods you have found effective to arrange for transport, using a variety of modes, such as rail, short sea shipping, air, or roadways, to minimize carbon emissions or other environmental impacts.
4 What kind of experience do you have referring exporters to experts in areas such as trade financing, international marketing, government export requirements, international banking, or marine insurance?
5 Share a useful system to provide shipment status notification to exporters, consignees, or insurers.
6 Tell me how you make arrangements with customs brokers to facilitate the passage of goods through customs.
7 How complicated is to complete customs paperwork? Or do you have a system in place?
8 What kind of experience do you have clearing goods through customs, arranging for applicable duties and taxes?
9 How do you make sure that you are in adherence of documentation to customs, insurance, or regulatory requirements?
10 What system do you have in place to verify proper packaging and labeling of exported goods?
11 Name a time when you negotiated shipping rates with freight carriers.
12 Do you use certain technology to monitor or record locations of goods in transit? If so, what system?
13 How do you stay up to date in order to maintain current knowledge of relevant legislation, political situations, or other factors that could affect freight shipping?
14 How good are you at keeping records of goods dispatched or received?
15 Walk me through how you inform clients of factors such as shipping options, timelines, transfers, or regulations affecting shipments.