Database Architect Interview Questions

1 Provide an experience in which you effectively tested the changes made to a database application or system.
2 Share an experience in which provided difficult technical support to a junior staff member or a client.
3 What factors do you consider when evaluating hardware and software technologies? Share an experience.
4 Describe an effective database cluster, backup, or recovery process you set up.
5 Provide an experience in which you planned and/or installed an upgrade which enhanced database performance.
6 What methods do you used to ensure that production systems meet availability requirements and that hardware enhancements are scheduled appropriately?
7 Share an effective method you have used to identify and/or correct deviations from database development standards.
8 Share an effective method you have used to document and/or communicate database schemas.
9 Tell me about an effective archived procedure, procedural code, or query for an application which you developed.
10 Describe a load-balancing process you developed which successfully eliminated down time for a backup process.
11 Describe an effective data model which you developed.
12 Tell me about a database you designed which effectively supported business applications.
13 Describe a database application you designed with successfully enabled efficient access of the generic database structure.
14 Share an experience in which you successfully demonstrated database technical functionality.
15 Describe an effective database development standard which you created. Share an effective method you have used to enforce these standards.
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