Credit Counselor Interview Questions

There are 3 different sets of questions for this title
1 Tell me about a course or seminar which you successfully taught. What methods made you successful?
2 Describe a difficult issue (e.g. missing check) you resolved for a client or creditor.
3 Share an effective method you have used to explain complicated loan information to clients.
4 Provide a time when you successfully explained a financial topic to a client. What methods led to your success?
5 Tell me about an action plan you created which effectively assisted clients in obtaining permanent housing.
6 Describe an experience in which conducting research helped you give a client good advice.
7 Provide an experience in which you successfully advised a client on housing matters.
8 Share an experience in which being aware of a client's changing situation helped you to adjust his/her plan or budget accordingly.
9 Share an experience in which you referred a client to social service or a community resource.
10 What effective strategies have you recommended to clients to helped them meet their financial goals?
11 Describe an effective educational material or resource which you have recommended to clients.
12 What factors do you consider when prioritizing client debt repayment?
13 Describe a written document you prepared which effectively communicated financial recommendations to a client.
14 Tell me about a negotiation you made with a creditor which you were happy with. How about one which you were unhappy with?
15 What is the state of your clientele records? What is one thing you are trying to improve in your record keeping?