Tower Equipment Installer Interview Questions

1 What mapping software would you use to locate tower sites where work is to be performed?
2 How are your writing and computer skills when completing reports related to project status, progress, or other work details, using computer software?
3 Are you afraid of heights when climbing towers to access components, using safety equipment, such as full-body harnesses?
4 Share an example when you tested operation of tower transmission components, using sweep testing tools or software.
5 Describe methods you have found effective when reading work orders, blueprints, plans, datasheets or site drawings to determine work to be done.
6 What kind of experience do you have lifting equipment into position, using cranes and rigging tools or equipment such as gin poles?
7 What factors do you consider when installing, connecting, or testing underground or aboveground grounding systems?
8 Tell me about the last time when you installed or repair tower lighting components, including strobes, beacons, or lighting controllers.
9 Walk me through how you would install all necessary transmission equipment components, including antennas or antenna mounts, surge arrestors, transmission lines, connectors, or tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs).
10 Share an example when you effectively inspected completed work to ensure all hardware is tight, antennas are level, hangers are properly fastened, proper support is in place, or adequate weather proofing has been installed.
11 What is the most challenging part of climbing communication towers to install, replace, or repair antennas or auxiliary equipment used to transmit and receive radio waves?
12 Share your approach when checking antenna positioning to ensure specified azimuths or mechanical tilts and adjust as necessary.
13 What kind of experience do you have assembling or erecting communications towers, using construction or rigging equipment?