Aquaculture Program Director Interview Questions

1 What have been your greatest challenges with growing fish or shellfish?
2 Tell me about your experience training and supervising aquaculture or fish hatchery support workers.
3 How do you stay current on new or improved techniques for fish collection and fertilization, spawn incubation, and treatment of spawn and fry?
4 What is the key to success for the selection and maintenance of brood stock?
5 What have you found to be the best way to monitor environments to ensure maintenance of optimum conditions for aquatic life?
6 In your opinion, what keeps most managers from collecting and recording growth, production, and environmental data? How have you overcome those obstacles?
7 Tell me about your experience designing and constructing pens, floating stations, and collector strings or fences for sea farms.
8 How often do you scuba dive in order to inspect sea farm operations?
9 Share an example when you effectively directed and monitored the transfer of mature fish to lakes, ponds, streams, or commercial tanks.
10 What is an effective way to monitor the trapping and spawning of fish, egg incubation, and fry rearing? What methods have you used in the past?
11 Tell me about a time when you devised or participated in activities to improve fish hatching, growth rates or disease prevention in hatcheries.
12 How often do you recommend conducting stock examinations in order to identify diseases or parasites?
13 Describe an experience when you identified the environmental requirements of a particular species and selected and oversaw the preparation of sites for species cultivation.
14 What kind of experience do you have preparing reports required by state and federal laws?
15 What is the key to success when conferring with biologists, fish pathologists, and other fishery personnel to obtain data concerning fish habits, diseases, food, and environmental requirements?